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Wanted Looking for business partner in Japan .

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23 Apr 2015
Konichiwa everybody, i joined hoping to find two things, one a Japanese business partner interested in entering the erotic sales business, and information regarding the regulation of import of used panties into japan, im aware of the age restrictions but i want to know would an american looking to sell erotic export to japanese adult shops have hoops to jump through or any distinct obstacles? the export is likely under same regulation as import of urine, also i need a japanese salesman to procure 120 shops to place their first $500 order, id like to speak to a japanese lawyer to discuss any liability issues and regulations so i dont infringe on any laws, if practical will pay 20000 USD for the procurement of 120 clients upon payment by adult shops for first $500 minimum order, i hope this is ok to seek here, let me know if not will not post similar thing again, export not urine or underwear something far more erotic.
i dont think so, just like millions of americans prefer asian women i believe american women will appeal just as strongly to japanese, plus im pretty sure no ones selling this particular product, with over 12000 adult shops in japan id need to reach only a very small percentage to make a living for everyone involved in the process, does anyone have anything helpful to say?
So all I would have to do is send you $60,000 and you'd then give me $20,000?

A "$500 order" is meaningless. How much are you charging wholesale per pair? You have the women lined up to do this for you? Are you going to supply a photo of the women wearing the panties with each individual pair?

If you have the money to start something like that, why not just hire somebody to create a website and do it all online?

Where did you get that number of over 12,000 for the number of adult shops in Japan? I suspect that it also includes video rental stores that have a porno section but no skanky skivvies section.

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EDIT: The product is not used panties

You make 20K seem like a bad deal, over 33% of the companies net is a darn good deal for a salesman, although i admit i should have stated i intend to offer 33% salary over the course of the contract rather then putting a dollar amount on it, yes i plan on putting a photo of the girl on the packagingarrow-10x10.png, I intend to charge retailers $20 US for a pack of 10 or in other words $2 USD a piece with a minimum order of 25 packs, im also all covered on the health aspect of things and std avoidance. I can manufacture over 4000 pieces a month for roughly 400 dollars, the $500 minimum order equates to about 25 packages per sale which is a relatively small order, and even if 6K of the 12K adult shops are video stores and the other six or kink shops that still means the company only has to reach 2% of the market to reach 60K in sales, and this is only factoring in initial orders, assuming the product is successful the company can easily net in the hundreds of thousands even in the first year
You started this thread saying the product was used panties. Now it isn't used panties. Just what is it you're selling? Urine?
im not so inclined to say at this point, but i never said the product is used panties, read the end of my first post, i said the same laws should apply, though if panties and urine have different laws then the urine laws likely apply, and no the product is not urine.
If you're talking about any sort of bodily excretions or biological byproducts, I doubt you'd be able to sell them here. Never mind the legal angle, there is just too strong an image in Japan connecting HIV and non-Japanese. Nobody is going to buy your second-hand biohazard used panties, soiled tampons, or whatever other else it is you have in mind.

Get a domain name, hire somebody to do a Japanese website, and run it online. Check postal regulations before using the mail to send anything so you don't end up in prison. If you don't have the money, take your business plan to a bank and get a startup loan. After all, you have a multimillion dollar plan...they'll be glad to give you the money once you explain the idea to them.
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