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International school inaugurated in Nagoya

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14 Mar 2002
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NUCB (Nagoya University of Commerce & Business) International College, the first international boarding school in the Tokai region was inaugurated on April 27. The school has a program allowing students to obtain high school diplomas and qualifications for entry into universities overseas.

It is only the third school in the country with such a qualification program for overseas universities. The new school will accept children of parents who come to Japan as "highly skilled professionals" and other students from both in and outside Japan. It will admit a total of 225 students, with each grade consisting of 75 students and each class having a roll of up to 25. All teachers are required to have a postgraduate degree, and classes will be conducted in English. The school also plans to offer an International Baccalaureate program that provides internationally accepted qualifications for entry into higher education, and envisions half of their graduates will go on to universities abroad.


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