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Wanted I would like help in finding a domestic Japanese item

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11 Jun 2020
Hello Japanese people or people who can read Japanese,

I don't know any Japanese, which is why I am here. I am seeking for this item: COMPACT-30K - Yuyama

Yuyama doesn't sell internationally, so I am interested in searching for domestic options where I can then hire a courier company to fetch it across international waters for me.

I was wondering if anyone can pass me a link or tell me where I can order this machine online to be delivered to an address in Japan, etc.

Thank you in advance,

Kind Regards,

Not meaning to sound rude but I have the impression that you're only telling us a part of the whole story or you were not very diligent in your research.

1. The product you linked is listed on the website of Yuyama Taiwan.
2. It is not listed on the website of Yuyama Japan or at least not among the current products in the category of semi-automatic powder pouch packaging machines (now that's a mouthful...): YUYAMA Official site | Automatic powder pouch packaging machine
3. Yuyama has an official distributor in Australia. Worldwide distributors can be found here: YUYAMA Official site | Distributor

If you say Yuyama doesn't sell internationally do you mean that you have contacted them about this product? Have you contacted the Australian distributor and they told you that you can't order this exact product and have to source it directly from Japan? Is it still being sold in Japan? Do you want to buy it used? So many questions...
Hi cez,

You are right with the impression that I am only telling part of the whole story because of conciseness in my post otherwise the heavy content my intimidate and bore readers.

Long story short:
The original supplier who sold me COMPACT-30K in my country does not sell anymore, in case this one breaks down, I prefer to have a backup one just in case. Yuyama emailed me with regards to contacting my local distributor because they do not directly sell to clients of their clients. Yuyama's only distributor local to my country declined my request because of the high costs of training an employee to manage COMPACT-30K and in addition I will be the only client in my country to request this import, which is not economical for that distributor given the regulation differences in voltages, my country uses 220-240V.

What I know as fact is that my local distributor says that Yuyama manufactures these machines in Japan. I prefer buying new ones. If I can find a website that does sell COMPACT-30K or an updated model, I wouldn't have a problem.

I run a Chinese Medicine clinic, which is why COMPACT-30K is perhaps the only model that is appropriate for herbal extracts, I don't need the medicine made in pills nor tablets, only sachets.

In fact are there any other companies in Japan who manufacture similar sachet packaging machines?

Thank you in advance,
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