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Wanted Japanese Seafood Importers

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21 Jun 2004
Hi all!

I am in the seafood business and thought the place to get relevant and correct information would be in a Japanese message board.

Can anyone here direct me or tell me who are the largest Seafood importers in Japan. My company represents quality suppliers of Various Seafoods like Octopus flowered (vulgaris), lobsters, prawns crubs, sharks etc.

Looking forard to hear from anyone and also to learn the ways and culture of the Japanese peoples who I believe are very courteous,polite and honest people.

I am not sure if Japan imports any seafood from overseas since there are may seafood markets all over Japan.
Daniel said:
They do import a lot of seafood, actually.

Wow! I didn't know that! ☝
I learned something new. Very cool!

What kind of seafood do they import, like octopuses or lobsters?
I don't know if they import lobsters, but I do know that they import various fish-types from scandinavia and greenland. The heering roe, that you often get in Japan, is usually imported from Norway, Denmark or the Netherlands, for instance.

BTW, the season for heering roe will start any day now here in Denmark, YUM!
I can go on and on about great seafood that I would like to eat right now, but I don't think I am able to help you, nahodha, sorry.

Daniel, how do you eat herring roe, I have only eaten salted and grilled adult herrings?
Oh~, now I know what herring roe is.

I used to have it as one of osechi ryouri for New Year!
It was usually pickeled in 'sake' to help get the membrane off, but I remember liking the texture of the herring roe.
Japan is importing various seafood. :)

But I do not think the top import companies (I mean "professionals") would try to find business opportunities here... 😌

People who are interested in business with Japanese companies should visit JETRO's global website:

JETRO is offering "Business Matching Database" services, you can look for business proposals or put up your own proposal there.
If you are serious about finding a business partner, you should go to JETRO.

Hi everyone,

I would like to introduce my self,

I am in the business of eating seafood,
I am 6'1" and like surfing.
I regulary eat at least 5pcs of fish/shellfish in one sitting.
I can have your food delived to my door through "demae" or I can go to a restaurant.
I also have a waste disposal plant that consists of clear plastic bags, with the emphasis on quality disposal by our local grabage truck.
Any inquires should be made through my consulting superviser named "Mr Telephone".

Your Best regards sincerly warmly,
FrustratedDave LTD.PTY
I have just found a marketing channel in which you might be able to do business in,
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hi guys
Im looking bussines partner but i don't know how to do start in.i have alot any size and any kind shrimp. i want to have bussines with good partner with janpanese.
Im from Maldives and am interested to find a supplier who wants seafood as i can be able to provide various kind of seafood
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