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I have a few questions.

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If i was a moderator I would have locked this thread a long time ago and banned this fool. Next Troll, please.
The last thing I am is a troll...Why would I sit there and Troll a JREF board?It's pointless.I wouldn't get anything out of it.And yes,I DO want to travel all around Asia as I love all Asian countries and cultures,But Japan just...Is better to me.I don't know why.But anyhow,I'm not really sure what I should do as I would LOVE to hang out with my friend in South Korea,make some Korean friends,etc.I'm just unsure as to what I should do.
Sounds like you have a GaijinPot troll on your hands. He gave the game away in post #52. Time to ignore and move on ;)
I have never been to Gajiinpot or whatever...There is NO REASON at ALL for me to sit there and troll a Japan forum.I was drop dead serious about everything I said.
I don't think you're a troll. But you do strike me as being vacillating.
Yes.I AM indecisive here.I just want to have fun in life.I'm just undecided right now as to what I want to do.
Yes.I AM indecisive here.I just want to have fun in life.I'm just undecided right now as to what I want to do.

That's why I asked you to let me know when you get a plane ticket. Then I'll start to take you seriously.
Bikaben san, I can kind of empathize with you--I have been in those shoes once before. . . to a degree. Again, I do hope things go in the best line of probable outcome that they potentially have, for you.

Now as regards my question in the PM I had sent you this past Friday morning, I feel let down, that you refused to answer. At any rate, your most recent post in this thread, also proves that this thread has not only already served its purpose, but has lost its right to be held related to working in Japan.

For the above reasons, your refusal to answer to my PM included, I am closing this thread until further reason to re-open it. Now, as Mike has suggested, once you do make solid plans to come here, have everything pretty much lined up, ticket in hand or in the final planning stages, or most near it, please do start a thread with any real and immediate questions that you may have, AFTER having done some research first !!

And with that, this thread is closed until further notice. Sorry for any inconveniences, and thanks to those who have participated. Mars Man
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