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Travel News Hyatt Regency Osaka offers rooms specially designed for travellers with pets

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14 Mar 2002
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During the corona pandemic, the number of pets in Japan has increased significantly. Instead of leaving their beloved pets behind, many pet owners wish to bring them along when on vacation. The Hyatt Regency Osaka Hotel now offers rooms specially designed for famous needs. The hotel, located in the popular district of Nankokita, is popular with its guests due to its proximity to Universal Studios Japan. In addition to dog-friendly accommodation, cat-friendly rooms will become available as of 1 February 2023.


The cat rooms (limited to one cat) are quite spacious at 40 square meters and come at 33,561 JPY per night. Hyatt offers a room service menu geared towards cats and dogs, including fish, Daisendori chicken meatballs, deer pot-au-feu, and vegetable dishes, as well as human treats.

Hyatt Regency Osaka, Osaka-fu, Osaka-shi, Suminoe-ku, Nankokita 1-13-11 ハイアット リージェンシー 大阪
ハイアット リージェンシー 大阪, 大阪府大阪市住之江区南港北 1-13-11

We have a B&B across the street from us that is always booked with out of state people and their dogs. The owner must do a good job advertising it's pet friendly to keep it always filled.
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Pet-friendly hotels are getting more common in Japan but are still few and far between. Not only are there extra fees and limitations (dogs may not spend time alone in the room), but they also check religiously on vaccinations. Not sure how it's handled in other countries.
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