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Travel News Hanzomon Line unveils new train series


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14 Mar 2002
Not necessarily "touristic news", but definitely travel-related: Hanzomon Line has unveiled its new "18000 series" train. S-e-x-y !! 🤩

A new "18000 series" train set to operate on Tokyo Metro's Hanzomon Line was unveiled to the media at a depot in this city near Tokyo on June 2.

Tokyo Metro Co. plans to start replacing its "8000 series" trains, which have been in service since 1981, with the new model cars from August and complete their introduction by fiscal 2025.
The new model has headlights that fit smoothly within the contour of the body, while seats and grab handles are a standardized purple, matching the color of the railway line. The exterior is lined with two shades of purple that are more bluish than that on present cars. The seats are wider, while antiviral and antibacterial treated fabrics are used.
Spaces that can be used by people using wheelchairs and strollers are available, and the level difference between the floor of the cars and the platform has been reduced, making it easier for children and the elderly to get on and off. In terms of safety, the new model introduces a remote-controlled system that can check the state of the train in operation, and security cameras are installed inside.
A Tokyo Metro spokesperson commented, "The new model's main feature is the barrier-free design, which meets a variety of needs. We hope that the train will be loved by passengers in various ways and that passengers can use it with peace of mind."



Photo credit: Kaho Kitayama, Digital News Center
Nice. That used to be my line. Definitely would love to be crammed in touching five different people simultaneously if it was in this new train. :)
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