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Trains KIX->Kyoto & luggage?


10 Mar 2003
I'm just investigating different ways to get from Osaka Kansai Airport to Kyoto . I read from the Lonely Planet's guide book that there are a few different trains I could take, also a buss, taxi, etc.

Trains I found out are:
-JR Haruka Airport express (price in the guide book is Y3490 and Y2990)
-Kankテシ Kaisoku to Osaka station, and from there Shinkaisoku to Kyoto (price Y1800)

Then there are
-Limousine Bus between KIX and Kyoto (price Y2300)
-Taxi (price about Y3500)

Do you have any opinions or experiences with these different trains, which one would be the easiest/nicest/cheapest etc.? Share your thoughts, please. Not just from KIX to Kyoto trains, but others as well.Also correct the prices if they have changed drastically.
I'm really taking some advices:)

I'm also wondering about luggage..I will have quite a huge suitcase with me, and also a little bit smaller bag (a carry-on). If the trains are full of people (which I assume), what will they think if I stuff myself in with all these luggage...? Is it normal and ok to take these in a train or..?(in Finland it is)
and I probably don't even know how to behave at the first time in a Japanese train.. :)

..Thank You 🙇‍♂️
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try this

not related, but found while googling

the shinkansens i rode in had plenty of room on the bottom for suitcases and it depends on which class a person is seated in (as far as space/room/level of population)
One thing: NO WAY is the taxi that cheap. I recently took a taxi from Osaka to a Kyoto suburb, and it cost about 10,000 yen. From KIX, I'd expect to pay -at least- 20,000 yen.
The taxi from Narita Int. airport to my hotel in Kuchijuji is something like 30,000 while the train is 3,320.
If it's like Tokyo, a nonreserved shinkansen to the airport (such as one of the Keisei lines-- 1000) will be much cheaper than paying the reservation fee (such as JR's Narita Express as much as 2900 total) including a 'surcharge' for your train to the airport of 1100-1200, much higher than the actual cost of course. How they can get away with this I'll never understand. I've always used a pass for getting from the airport, though, so that may be a different story. 🙂
I recommend the trains; there should be a fast and fairly cheap express to Kyoto from KIX. Try the JR lines.
I wouldn't try the trains with big bags unless you can get on the Haruka expresses, which may or may not be in your time schedule (covenient).

The normal Kansai Rapid Express on JR stops in Osaka where you would need to transfer, a HUGE pain with big bags. Trust me, Osaka Station is not bag-friendly. I'm not a wimp, but flights of stairs and trying not to kill people with a 70lb bag is no fun.

I would really look into the bus option. It will take a little more time, but it is cheaper and once you are on, you don't have to worry about your bags until Kyoto. Your hotel might even have a shuttle service (never hurts to check).
i had you same experience, i had to go from kix to kobe sannomiya all alone.
I tell you the cheapest way is the train but the best for one that has never been ther is the bus.
There the train station in kix where you can buy a ticket train to kyoto on the left of the entrance you ll find the ticket counter where you can find somebody to help you.
I think you ll have to change train in osaka mainstaion. The trip from kix to osaka takes about 1 hour, and don t worry so much about your luggage, the train is never so full in kix. Aniway i give you a link to the best site if you need info on how to travel in japan by train
ps remember to keep your ticket, you ll need it to get out from train station in kyoto
Good luck and enjoy your experience in such beautiful country
Jesus, I forgot just how bad it can be with luggage. I agree with Mandy, take the bus if you've got some big bags.
I _really_ want to thank you all for excellent tips, links and advices.
Helps me a lot.
I haven't yet had time to really look up on everything, but I definetly will.
I printed out some pages etc. though.

I was also thinking that the prize for the taxi sounded a little bit too cheap..there wouldn't be any sense if the taxi ride would be about the same prize as the train. I guess there's just a spelling mistake in the Lonely Planet guide book, they've lost one more zero.. o_O

I know I will have large and heavy luggage, since I have to bring just about everything for 3 months. (and I'm not staying in hotel, but a guesthouse, so I guess I really have to manage by myself as far as I can)
So I'm really thinking about the buss option. I could take the buss from KIX (I think there should be one) to Kyoto, and maybe a taxi from there to the guesthouse...
I think that's something worth putting my money in...I can then eat just riceballs for the first two weeks ;)

But anyways, thank you guys. I wouldn't know the half of things I know about Japan etc if it weren't for you 🙇‍♂️
Bus to KIX

Trust me take the bus! It is the most convenient in everyway and cheap and I doubt you will make it to kyoto faster by train especially considering Kyoto station is not very conveniently located for most accomodation. When you leave the arrivals area just walk outside and there will be a row of limosine bus stops to everypoint in Kansai. Buy a ticket from the machine, it is easy but there is always a friendly young woman to help you. Then walk to the bus stop for Kyoto, it will be very obvious and only 5-25 meters away and the men will take your bags and give you a baggage receipt for them. Then get on your bus and relax until you arrive in no time! It has got to be the easiest airport to navigate that I have ever been to. I made the mistake of taking the Kansai Express train from Osaka station last time and it was much slower than the bus and more of a hassle in everyway. Trust me take the bus!
Yeah, I think I will take the buss, sounds so much easier.
And it doesn't really matter how long it takes..I think I'll enjoy every moment, also sitting on the buss etc. I'll be just staring at the view with excitement from the buss windows..the time will fly too fast anyways ;)

Mangaman, thank you for the really good information, I know I'll find it easily now 🙇‍♂️
have a good time in japan chipi. I took the train from kix to kobe sannomiya
it wasn t difficult but the bus is easier. If i guide you can you take me with you?
enjoy it
Cristiand, heh :), well sure that would be nice and convenient to have a personal guide, but I doubt I'll have the money to pay for your trip...or an empty suitcase to put you in one..;)
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