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Genuinity of a company: Universal Asset Management


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14 Mar 2002
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Hi Stefano,

Welcome to the forum!

1. The Corporate Number Publication Site of the National Tax Agency has no company listed under "Universal Asset Management".

2. Their address is listed as

Hibiya Kokusai Bldg, 7F. 2-2-3 Uchisaiwaicho. Chiyoda-ku. Tokyo 100-0011. Japan

Hibiya Kokusai Bldg. is an office building in central Tokyo that houses a lot of legitimate companies and organisations: the Hakuhodo Foundation, the Japan-British Society, Kawasaki Steel, Ernst & Young, etc.

It is hard to tell whether they actually reside there. The only company I could find on the same floor was the Japan Aircraft Development Corporation.

3. They seem to maintain a lot of websites:

Their main website (the first one just above) looks boilerplate, consisting of glitzy corporate templates with thin content and no personal details. Who are the people in charge, and why aren't they named?

And they have a few videos on YT.

Nothing that instils a lot of confidence, but that's just my view. I hope others can chime in, too.

Stefano, have you tried contacting them (phone: +81-3-4578-1998)? How did they get in touch with you?
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