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Fukuda family symbol

Mitsuo Sánchez

29 Jan 2021
I'm looking for someone living in the Kumamoto prefecture, my uncle was sent by my grandmother to return our family symbol and I have no register of how it looked like, it's composition or meaning. My grandmother's Japanese name is Fukuda Sayoko and the uncle's that returned it is Fernando Sánchez Fukuda.
Hi Mitsuo, welcome to the forum. I took the liberty of removing your email address from your post, other users can contact you via Private Conversation.

I am not sure if this is related to your family or helpful in any way, but I found the following website on the family name of Fukuda:

The website also states that there are several Fukuda kamon in use.

Please be patient, other members might be able to provide more assistance. :)
Yes we have no way of knowing what particular crest design your family used. There was a lot of variation in the design and usage of crests. So, as Thomas says, there is not one particular crest for the name Fukuda - there would be many possible crests. Typically crests are used on grave markers, so if you know what city/neighborhood your family was from, you could look at gravesites of relatives to see what crest is used.
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