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Politics FM Kamikawa receiving flak for controversial birthing remark


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14 Mar 2002
Foreign Minister Yoko Kamikawa has withdrawn a statement she made over the weekend regarding women's role in childbirth, acknowledging that her wording was prone to misinterpretation. "I wholeheartedly acknowledge the perspective that my remarks could be perceived in a way that diverges from my genuine intention of transforming the future through the strength of women," Kamikawa stated to the press on 19 May while reading from a scripted text. During a campaign event for a candidate of her party, the Liberal Democratic Party, in the Shizuoka gubernatorial race, Kamikawa remarked the day before, "If we, as women, do not participate in the birth process (by voting for) this individual, we are not recognized as women."

This is the controversial remark that led to misunderstanding:


In a campaign speech Saturday in support of a Shizuoka gubernatorial election candidate, Kamikawa said she wondered "how can we women call ourselves women without birthing this person." [...] In her retraction, Kamikawa told reporters that she merely meant to ask female voters to exercise their power to elect the candidate she supports just as she was "born" as a House of Representatives member in the 2000 election.

Not only are Kamikawa's comments ugly, there's also a quite hideous dangling modifier in the final sentence of the report. 'While known for her efforts to further gender equality, the comments are expected to garner criticism for their lack of sensitivity.'
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