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Dué le quartz

hey guys. i was wanting to ask one question about this band, but thought why not just make a thread just for them. The question was, what happened to the other members of Dué le quartz? and do you think miyavi was better in Dué le quartz, or now in his solo career. :)

Some pics....😊

Hmmm... It's difficult for me to say, as I only have a few songs (around 8 or so) of Due'le Quartz. Personally I like them better than Miyavi's solo work - with the exception of some of the songs on Miyavizm. I think you can hear more of the guitar playing in the Due'le Quartz stuff (like Monochrome... <3).

I don't know what has happened with the other members of DLQ, though... :?
Well Sakito😍 and Kikasa tried to start a new band; [Figure:] but Sakito had to quit becouse of "personal reasons".:(
And I liked Miyabi better than I like Miyavi....
Well I've listened to some of Due le Quartz's discog, and for some reason I like them better than Miyavi...Some of the guitar skills are awesome! It's a shame Sakito left Figure for ''personal reason's'' :( anyone know what the personal reasons may have been :? I like Dear from...xxx, and Requim better than Miyavi's covers of them.
I haven't heard Miyavi's covers of them. But DLQ's music is just generally more 'my sort of thing' than Miyavi's. I like the bluesy feel to Miyavism, and I liked the Are you ready to wedding single because it was kinda different (and Are you ready to rock is a cool song! =P) but generally I don't like his solo work as much.

Ah, I've got a song of Figure... maybe a couple of songs, I can't remember... stupid me, I have a bad memory for facts... I knew it was connected with DLQ in some way but wasn't quite sure how! =P
I've only heard a few Due le Quartz songs. I think one of them was called Rodeo. Really good song.
As for Miyavi, I do like him, but certain factors in his personality ruin some of his likability in my opinion. I guess it's his "I'm-the-best-in-the-world" attitude that disturbs me a bit. ☝ I'm a bit divided about him musically. Some songs I really like, some sound like just plain noise, and others I'm not really sure what to think. :LOL: Also, the quality of his music seems to be decreasing lately. :? However, I think he is a good guitar player and I like his rough-sounding voice.
I'm not really into Miyavis solo work. I have a few DLQ songs and I liket it better then Miyavis stuff. Miyavi is too pop-rock something, I like a bit heavier stuff
Don't say anything bad about Sakitos voice! :( Ok, maby he dosen't have to much controll over it, but I think it's kinda cute...
I LOVE Due Le Quartz version of Requiem. Love it, Love it, LOVE IT. Okay I am done. But yea I really don't have to much of them I have about 10 songs and I used to have the last live, but I deleted it because it was taking to much space. And while Miyavism is good I liked his earlier stuff. Although I have to agree with Kinsao that the Wedding and Are you ready to rock singles were awesome.
Well... i think their songs are a bit boring...
When i listened to one of their album i only listened to Rodeo. Thats their only good song.
But i like their outfits!^^(And this: )😊

And i like Miyavi Requiem cover more than Due le quartz's song.😌
Ah, I think you should listen to Monochrome! :p
If you don't have it..... whisper to me. ;-)
Well i love Miyavi and he was cool as Miyabi also even though i didnt hear too many songs from DLQ...
Sorry to say but Sakito's voice did ruin some songs for me.....like for Rodeo and Jisatsu Ganbo..the music was kicking and then his voice came and it was kinda flat and didnt have much range (don't mean to offend!!) He is cute though:)
As for info on DLQ members here's a link you can check out:
Featured Content on Myspace
(it's not my myspace, i found it when i was doing some DLQ searching)

and also a must see video clip....hehe its really cute... but that may be because Miyabi is sucha dork in it and i *heart* him

wow... i'm a little late 😌 i LOVE DLQ, and prefer Miyabi in DLQ than his solo music. It was DLQ music that really sucked me into visual kei o.o

One of my faves from DLQ is Ame to Muchi wo.. (sorry 😌 i dont' have the full title, lame of me i know).. if you don't know how awesome this song is, 'whisper' me, then i'll tell you how great it is. :p And i read somewhere that Miyabi did backup screaming :D i suppose sakito couldn't scream?
If you dosen't have got anny songs of Due le'quarts i cand send you lots of stuff in a mail. If you want that, my friend?🙂
Cause i think i have every songs of them😌
Neee?? Miyavi did a cover of Requiem?
I've only heard his cover of Dear from....
SOME Duele fan I am.
goatz said:
And i read somewhere that Miyabi did backup screaming :D i suppose sakito couldn't scream?

Yea I read that too. Miyabi/Miyavi has a good screaming and screeching voice. Sakito...eH.. no comment.

If anyone has any DLQ songs they would like to share please send them my way! Thanks.
Yeah, Miyabi did some of the screaming. Sakito also did some screaming.
It's true he's not suck a good singer, but he's still a tough little guy. I love him 😍
daki said:
miyavi was alot better when he was in due le quartz.

I think he is doing better now :) I like his solo stuff more than DLQ. His songs are so happy and full of energy. He never fails to make me laugh :D
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