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Psycho le Cemu at PMX and A-kon


20 Dec 2003
Psycho le Cemu, my favoritest group number three, will perform at PMX and A-kon

I'm dead. It's great that I'm only like half an hour away from Anaheim, I am so happy.

Heh, I'm attempting to understand how to go about paraparaing to Gekiai Merry Go Round, with the help of the DVD that came with the PLC box - Yura-sama and Aya teach how to do the dances to Gekiai Merry Go Round and Prism. Since the arena is seated, there will be no requiring leg movements, so happy happy~


Lydia(acting fangirlishly unusual)
I dont know about you PLC fans- but as for me i spent ALOT of money at the Akon concert of PLC's. thats only because.i went to the pre party,VIP for both nights,and backstage. and it was well worth it- they were so funny to,lol :D I asked Daishi what kind of girl he would like to date and he said..girls who are shorter than him .then he pointed at me and said "like you" . [because im the shortest girl ever!! well...im 5' feet. and im 15. 😌 i was like YEY! and Yura-sama was laughing at Daishi...lol. their sooo funny . and the concert ROCKED!!! they said they will come back! dont worry Suzu!!! 🙂
I wanted to see them too, but I live in Norway. *sob* I will never get to see j-rock bands cause' I don't have any money to go to either America or Japan. *sob sob sob* that's so unfair! *the whole floor is wet with her tears now*
i live in Florida. i remember Miyavi was coming to Orlando,FL in May. but instead Psycho le Cemu took his place because of some odd reason?. but i took a plane to Dallas,TX only to see PLC at Akon15. i think i spent too much.but it was my mom who spent it for me. she is good to me.and now i am going to a Dir en grey concert next year around winter. We are saving money now,so i can also get front row.....[maybe Kaoru will dive on me. * 👍 *] ....*ahem . anyway. i feel very sad for you both Christine and Suzu. I am shur you will one day see one of you favorite jrock bands . i already have and prolly still have much more to come.. arigato ...*sigh.
sweet Miyavi didnt come at all to america. I really wish he did. *ahem* well,i am pretty shur the reason was because of one of the guys who works with him. I dont know the "real" reason. But thats all i can tell you. i am hoping Miyavi comes back. :( he will..i know he will.!
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