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Ayumi Hamasaki

^ Those are really cool!

Her new single is coming out tomorrow...actually it already leaked and it is really good. Now all there is to do is wait for the decision PV. :)
Talklin 2 myself is great =D

And i think today is Ayumi's Birthday, isn't it?
So Happy Birthday Ayumi!! =D
I'm to late here now ;_;

I didn't forget on other forums though, I just couldn't enter this one for the time being.

Can any one tell me what song is ... I've got really obsessed with doing the dance and want the song so I can continue my dancing obsession away from youtube! :p
Yays! Thanks loads! Now I'm doing the dance instead of doing my essay... damn procrastination! I think I might go and discover the lyrics! ^_^
I was surprised about some news about her yesterday, I don't think everyone is aware about it, but she is deaf in her left ear.

Japanese pop singer Ayumi Hamasaki deaf in left ear
BEIJING, Jan. 6 -- Japanese pop icon Ayumi Hamasaki wrote on her fan club website on Friday that she would continue singing despite losing her hearing in her left ear.

Hamasaki said an ear examination last year confirmed her hearing loss.

"Despite this news, I still wish to be a singer," she wrote.

Hamasaki started to lose the hearing in her left ear in the summer of 2000 when momentary deafness forced her to cancel several concerts, according to a media report.

The singer will start her second concert tour of Asia in April to mark the tenth anniversary of her singing career. The tour includes 19 concerts around Japan. The venues in other Asian countries have not yet been announced.
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I knew she was, and I respect her for doing all this for her fans, but she doesn't know what she's giving up, until she loses her right ear aswell. But yeah it's her own choice and I don't feel sorry for her, she doesn't want people to feel sorry for her, so go Ayu ^^

@CharismaticDeath *Ex-diehard Ayufan* XD I know all songs by her, though not the ones from her album Secret, I hated it XD Yay for GUILTY being quite good :)
窶堋?窶堙ィ窶堋ェ窶堙??堋、ツ 窶堋?窶堙、窶堋ソ窶堙。窶堙アツ!

Ayu chan is very brave. She's so devoted. But I don't want her to hurt herself. She'll always stay a singing angel!
I also knew she was since even about a year ago (unofficial)

I got over it back then and her music wont be influenced by that. I compare it with Mozart...he didn't even hear at all and was the greatest musician...she doesn't hear on one side and yet still is the greatest in our time ^^

But let's talk about the cheerful side of her..I'm sure she wouldn't want us mourning over this ^_~
U're absolutely right! It's Ayu chan! :) She's a survivor and will always be the best no matter what! 😍
Whooaa i heard today, that he can't hear in her left ear.
I feel sorry for her. >.<
But i'm glad that she's so strong and brave and goes on with doing music. ^^
I like her music a lot. =)
Can't imagine nor would I want to imagine what it would be like for Ayu to be deaf completely and not be able to hear her own music or her favorite artists.
I'm glad she'll keep singing, I've got a lot of respect for that.

And her new album "Guilty" rocks!!!! I love the guitars in this album.
My favorite songs are "Together When..." and "Marionette".

She'll always be one of my all-time favorite artists.
^ I agree! I've always admired ayu for her talent and versatility, I think her influence in japanese music is amazing, but now I admire her a lot more!! She's a really strong woman!!!
i like Ayumi's music too!!!
i was quite surprised when i heard the news too... thought it was some joke but it turned out to be real....:(
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