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It's ok.
We'll forgive you. xD
You also apologised to Crystallize, which is good.
Don't worry, it's ok. ;D

Ok, I hadn't read this, now I understand why you apologized on the Gazette thread.

You seemed upset, but understand it's not my fault that they don't come to your country, I wish they would, but I can't personally make them'

And it's not like I would deny my self the pleasure to go and watch them, now when I get the chance !!!

But it's ok, I accept you apology, maybe I would be upset too if no groups ever got here ☝
Aw, I love that photo shoot Glitter thingy.

I get a "page can not be found" on the translation page though ?

I love Mikus eyes, they are always so intense
and he is so sweet, even RL at the show ...

Oh, miss him so much...

But their World tour ends now doesn't it, they'll
be back in Japan the 16th the day after tomorrow ! :)
I'm so sorry about the link! It seems that I missed the 'l' in 'html'! *^__^*
But, besides that, I also realized that the page I was trying to link to is from a friends-only livejournal community. (soo sorry!) So, I used my super-handy cut and paste talents to just post the translation here. :)
Te: to everyone watching Glitter, ready~
All: Nyappy~ We are Antic Cafe!
Te: I'm the drums, Teruki
M: yes, I'm the vocal Miku
Ta: I'm the guitar, takuya
K: I'm the bass, Kanon
Y: I'm the keyboard, Yuuki
Te: yes! Well, since it's the graduation season right now, we'd like to ask for some memorable stories associated with the second button
(in Japan, when people graduate, girls ask the guy they like to give them their second button from their school uniform jackets. The second button is the closest to their heart so it shows that they like them)
M: ok~
Te: ok, who has gotten their second button taken away?
M: silence~
Y: I should raise my hand
M: hurry up. Ok, ok, wow! Yuuki san!
Y: no, it was my ex-girlfriend
M: How popular~
Y: no, it was taken by my ex-girlfriend
Te: wait, was that elementaryツ…wait, no it's not elementary school
Y: it was High School
Te: high school
M: and why was that taken away?
Y: what? She just normally said ツ"give me thisツ" and just took it
M: wait, so she had feelings for Yuuki san?
Y: well, since it was my ex-girlfriend
M: but why was it taken?
Y: we were going out at that time
M: yeahツ…
Te: oh, reallyツ…
M: oh! So she meant ツ"I won't let any other girl take it!ツ"
Y: yeah, yeah, yeah
M: kind of like ツ"He's mineツ"
Te: oh, because there was a lot of competition for Yuuki
Y: no there wasn't!
M: hmmツ… ok that's the end. This was Horafukin (?)
Y: what kind of corner is that
Te: oh and here we should say ツ"this story is fictionツ"
Te: Ok, and we actually have a topic
M: a topic
Te: it says ツ"please sing/chantツ"
M: to sing/chant? Oh it's that thing that comes out in TV a lot
Te: what is that called, again?
M: ero-shigin? (erotic poem reciting)
K: what was it?
Te: there's a name, right?
K: Kimura Tenshin
(ツ"Tenshinツ" is a comedian pair, and they do the chanting comedy. And the person who sings is named ツ"Kimuraツ". And he does some chants about erotic things too.)
Te: oh yeah yeah! Yes, we'd like to do a Cafe poem reciting
M: this is embarrassing. I don't really want to do this
Te: who can recite?
M: well then Teruki, why don't you show us a model first?
Te: seriously?
M: well then let's go in this order.
Te: ok, ok
M: Let's go like this. Like this
Te: ok is it ok to move this aside?
M: ok yes, yes sorry we're in the way
Te: ok . I will recite!
During the tour when we go to the chihou area~
I go out to buy a pay-card at night~
and I bump into the members~
I think those moments happen.
M: oh man~
Te: that was a model
M: So good, so good. Oh man, oh man. I can only think up of KY ones. (KY means ツ"not reading the airツ" or not really keeping up with the flow)
Te: go ahead
M: here I go.
Te: how long
M: he says he has never gone to a love-hotel, but~
Te: the melody doesn't stretch that long
M: he had a lighter from La Hotel Fine~
Te: it sounds like it's going to keep going
M: I think he has gone
I think he has gone before
Y: I said I never went
Ta: ok I thought up of one. But it's erotic.
Te: erotic? That's ok
Ta: it's an erotic poem reciting
Te: an erotic poem reciting
Ta: an erotic poem reciting. Ok then I'll recite
Te: ok
Ta: when I go out shopping to the supermarket~
and I see a girl holding a cucumber~
Te: no way
Ta: I feel like I'll be lucky today~
Te: you tried hard
M: wow this is going in a good flow
Te: It's a good flow. We're getting better and better
Well then!
K: Ok this is something I feel when I do lives and such
Te: a poem about times during lives
K: during lives
Te: ok. Go ahead
K: this is pretty serious
Te: ok
M: go forward more
K: I buy a new bass~
and I excitedly get ready for the live~
but in the end the sound doesn't come out~
K: that happens, right?
M: we don't have that
K: I had it happen. I bought a 280,000 yen one and
M: you don't need to care about the 280,000 part~
Te: 280,000 at a second-hand store is 80,000
M: a normal bass is fine
Y: I can't think of anything
M: don't think about it now. These are things they can't use
Y: I can't think up of anything. I can't think up of something all of sudden
M: it's not all of a sudden at all
Y: hang on
Te: ok
M: hurry up!
Y: hang on, hang on. It won't come out, it won't come out
M: they'll need to fast-forward this part
Te: I think they'll use this whole thing. Just the way it is
Y: When I am at the UFO catcher~
and behind the person playing it before me~
M: what, what?
Y: what?
M: ok, ok
Y: when I see his gifts~
I feel like I can catch some too
I had that happen to me
M: I think you messed up
Te: I don't think that one counts
Te: so anyways, this was Antic Cafe's drums, Teruki and
M: yes, the vocalist, Miku, and
Ta: the guitarist, Takuya, and
K: the bassist, Kanon, and
M: the erotic poem-citing
Y: the keyboardist, Yuuki
During Yuuki's personal photoshoot
Te: I'm hungry~
Staff: we're taping the ツ"making-ofツ" right now
Te: yes, I came here so I could get into the screen
Te: Kanon san jumped off from the 10th story of a building and became like this
Kanon san's cruel figureツ…
Te: it's the world of Tom and Jerry
Te: how many stories does this building go up to?
I feel like I'm living in a really tall building.
Like 20 stories or something.
I want to look down over Tokyo. And think ツ"I've come this far tooツ".
Just joking. I'll work harder.
During photo checking
M: oh it's nice. Yes. It's ツ"mo-mantaiツ" like. (ツ"mo-mantaiツ" means ツ"There's no problemツ")
Staff: you're being video-taped right now. It's a video
M: yes
Staff: that's no problem either
M: that's no problem either. You're good
Staff: is that good?
Te: there's no problem at all. It's kind of like –bleep—
(I have a feeling he said ツ"D'espairs Rayツ", but it might be some other bandツ…)
ツ"kind of like xxxxxxx (certain band)ツ…ツ"
Te: that's not good.
Photoshoot with the striped background
Te: Kanon san! He's matching by himself
Ta: he's camouflaging
K: my bottom half disappeared
The Kanon san who's bottom half has disappeared
While everyone checks the photos togetherツ…
for some strange reason Yuuki san separates himself
M: Yuuki come on,
Y: what, what?
M: come here for a second. Stand right here where you can't tell if you show up or not in the camera
K: stand a little bit more here
M: and it'd be nice if you take this from the bottom
Staff: from the bottom?
M: yes
Staff: Yuuki is a little too much on the side here? Oh, Yuuki'sツ…
Staff: Yuuki's so stiffly upright
M: try to look more cool. You look weird
Te: oh! I'm sorry.
Staff: hey! We'll deduct that from your salary!
M: oh~ how dangerous~ Yuuki, are you ok?
Te: go down~
Staff: I think mine went up too
Someone's cellphoneツ…
Thank you~ thank you~
Has anyone else noticed how Teruki and Miku always seem to dominate the conversation?? :D
But, besides that, I greatly encourage you all to join the community regardless, because they are incredible! They translate the blog, songs and interviews as well as the random request. Here is the link to the community.
cafexblog Hopefully this one will work...:D *phew!* Long post...^__^
Our guys were writing a message on myspace:
Credits to cafekkodesu on livejournal for posting.

Nyappy o(≧∀≦)o It's miku. Thanks to everyone, we were able to successfully complete
the month long world tour.
Before we left, I thought this was gonna be a long tour but looking back at it, it was so fast.
Towards the end I even started to think "I wanna stay overseas longer and sing more".
After going on the world tour, it's made me appreciate the Cafe-ko's even more.
We received so much love from the Cafe-ko's overseas.
Since we don't speak the same language, I thought it would be hard to feel your love.
But I was totally wrong.
Every Cafe-ko was so pure that we felt the love directly from each of you.
At the venue's, when I faced the mic towards you, you'd all sing in Japanese, and
you even knew the moves and you'd call out my name in a voice full of energy.
To be honest, I didn't think I would be this moved.
I didn't think there would be so many Cafe-ko's waiting for us.
I'm really glad we did this overseas tour.
"NYAPPY" is a word that I randomly came up with but it's a word that connects us with
the Cafe-ko's of the world. I'd like to think the word was fate and not just a coincidence.
And this nyappy world, AnCafe will continue to protect it.
Just want to say thank you to the staff that helped us complete this fulfilling world tour and
to all the Cafe-ko's...Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

"Arigato o(≧∀≦)o"

It's takuya.
The month long tour ended successfully.
It was really long but it was the best time of my life.
Going to so many different cities and meeting so many Cafe-ko's, local people, and the staff that
helped with the tour...
it was so much fun interacting with all the people.
If we ever go on tour again, I'd like to go to cities we couldn't go to this time and do a bigger concert.
Thank you to everyone that came to our concert.
Let's meet again!

To know that there are so many Cafe-ko's all over the world waiting for us,
made me happier than ever.
If I close my eyes and reminisce, I can't explain it in words but I am overwhelmed.
I might even start to cry just thinking about it.
I don't know why. But I do know that I love all the Cafe-ko's to death.
I'm so glad I was born on this planet (LOL)

(・ω・)/ It's yu-ki.
NYAPPY GO AROUND THE WORLDⅡ has successfully ended (..∀`*)
Before the tour started, I was a little worried to be away from Japan for a whole month (-ω-;)

But once the tour started, I would think "How many days has it been??" and feel like time was going really slowly,
but as the end was getting close, I was getting sadder and sadder.

The last concert... I was looking into the audience from the stage and was actually getting very sad.
I think we were able to do everything we wanted to at the last concert.

On this tour, there were a lot of new countries we went to,
Are there gonna be any Cafe-ko's waiting for us?
I wonder how much everyone likes us?
Are the kind of worries I had but at each show I would hear everyone cheer for us and totally felt the love.
Thank you.

For all the Cafe-ko's overseas that are waiting for us,
I hope we can meet you at the next world tour!!
Wait for us, ok ★

12 countries, 17 shows, the 2nd world tour was a very rewarding one.

This is the 2nd time since our last Europe tour (last year).
Some cities had bigger venue capacity than last time but tickets were sold out immediately,
and some venues were the same as last time, it was different depending on the country.
But the changes were definitely made with the feedback from the last tour.
Thinking that the last tour was reflected this time, made me feel very postive.
Cause it made me realize that "if we do a good performance more people will come see the show".
Until then I only thought that "in Europe the visual-kei was a temporary boom"
and was kinda negative thinking "even if we worked hard I thought it wouldn't last".
Compared to last time, this tour really made me feel like we are connecting to the next stage, so
I'm totally excited about the next tour ☆

As for South America, it was full of surprises.
Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Mexico.
I went to each venue in the morning and was always surprised.
The venues were all huge that I thought "Is this Tokyo?".
The complete opposite side...This is the farthest we can go but the atmosphere
was the same as Tokyo.
It was really weird. Our CD isn't even released. It was really thrilling.

And letters from fans like "I've been waiting forever for this day to come" was
also very exciting.
For us, one show may be just one show out of the several we do during the tour, but for the fans it's THE ONE important show.
So makes me realize that we have to give it our all for every single show.
During this tour, I was always able to maintain high motivation.

And North America. I felt like we still have a lot of ground breaking to do in the US.
It wasn't as powerful as Europe and South America.
But I really feel we were able to put on a good performance for each and everyone that came.
That was the good part about this tour.

We're hoping to put up the letters and banners we received from you guys at the show in BIG SITE ☆

◆Manager (Junior)◆
I realized that the word "NYAPPY o(≧∀≦)o" has an unlimited amount of chances.

Cafe-ko's of different nationality, different climates, different lifestyles exist
and we all become one with the word "NYAPPY o(≧∀≦)o".
I don't think you can find such a happy word anywhere else.

I'm so grateful to AnCafe who created this word and
the Cafe-ko's of the world that help AnCafe
to create these wonderful moments.

I'm sure this tour has become a wonderful memory
for all the Cafe-ko's, AnCafe members and staffs.

Looking forward to the day we can
have fun together again.

'Til then Byenyappy o(≧∀≦)o


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Thanks so much for posting!! :D:D
Wow...Teruki really does talk alot, doesn't he?? 😊
I love it when the staff says nyappy. I don't really know why, it just seems funny. :)
I know what you mean XD I don't think they genuinely copied each other, however I do believe they look far too similar XD
Avril's came first.

But i don't think Antikku copied it from Avril.
I think Antikku had such an idea themselves
It's just coinscidence. xD
Wow...Teruki really does talk alot, doesn't he?? 😊

Yes, I also followed the An Cafe postings for the world tour and Teruki seemed to have posted the most, but for me it's always been most important when Miku posted ... Well, I'm not another "Miku fan freak" but I think he's cute anyways ... oh, miss him so much ... mostly because it felt so real when I saw them ☝
I have a question for anyone who has seen them live:eek: I saw in one of their live videos on youtube where they were throwing these huge beach balls or something into the crowd but that was back when Bou was still around. Do they still do that kind of stuff? I was just curious. Also are they really good live?! I want to see them sooooo bad!

They're going to release a new album in early September, which will include and Summer dive, Aroma and My heart leaps for C and some new songs.

And they're also releasing a new single in August. This is what it's going to be included in them:
Type A with 2 songs and a PV
Type B with 2 song and a Live Clip
Type C with only 2 songs
Ah i wonder if anyone has the translation of the long post Miku did,not the newest one tought. It was posted a while after the Big sight and now many cafekkos are worried about him, He wrote about that he felt very bad and if i understood right he was a bit worried about bodukan...So sad but i hope hes gonna be alright (;__;) And yeah, i heard some rumours going around that Antic cafe is going to split up and stuff. Dont belive that! Why would they end when they come this far ? Im pretty sure they will continue, and yet they have a coming new album with PV and stuff so please dont worry

Hm i really want to see the translation. Arigato if you can send me.
Ohyes. Um.. i just regirested myself on this site and i hope to find new friends.
Sayonara Nyappy o(≧∀≦)o
Here is the translation (i think everyone like to read it, so i just post it here)

Thank you guys from the cafexblog @ LJ
They did this translation

So here we go:

It will be nice if you read this to the end o(ツ≫??ツ?債≫?ヲ)o
Nyappy o(ツ≫??ツ?債≫?ヲ)o It's Miku. I sat in front of the laptop many times, wanting to write an entry, but I couldn't put all my thoughts together..To tell the truth, I myself don't even know what my mental state is right now. I have never had this before. But, the truth is that I just can't stand the pressure.

On 5/17 we did our long awaited 5th anniversary finale live at Tokyo Big Site. That day was like a commemoration live, celebrating our 5 years with the Cafekkos. That means a lot to me. During these 5 years, a lot has happened. When we met, we didn't know each other's names, or personalities, and we were all basically beginner musicians, and we were peacefuly doing lives. Then, all of a sudden our live houses started to become bigger, and we started to understand what our existence was supposed to be. Before we knew it, we were the ones giving Cafekkos hope to keep living, courage, and energy to move towards their tomorrow. Yes, the Cafekkos taught me where I belonged. A ****** person who was worth nothing before starting a band. I think there are still a lot of people who think I am a ****** person. But I recieved many messages from Cafekkos who appreciate me, and I came to know that even I could give influence to people. That is when I vowed. That I will show everyone that even someone like me who lives in the bottom of this world, can shine this much on a big stage. That big stage is Nippon Budoukan. I made this determination when AnCafe was doing the Harajuku three series. I thought even though it's a dream that will not be fulfilled, I will work hard. I am very greatful for the Cafekkos who give me a place to belong. That's why I want to give a place where others belong. I get a lot of messages that say they look up to me, but that is a big mistake. I'm not as strong of a person as everyone thinks of me to be, and I probably get more easily put down than others, and to say the truth, every day, I am taking anti-depression pills and fighting against the sickness. I probably shouldn't be relying on pills, but if I don't take them, I'm scared of talking to people, and I get nauseous when I walk through a busy street, and I sweat cold sweat the whole time. That's why I realize this myself, but I say a lot of stupid things. I think I'm already doing it right now, but...I surprise myself that I am singing in front of everyone. It's definitely like a miracle. But no matter what anyone says, the ones who brought me up this far are the Cafekkos. It is the Cafekkos who have given me a place to be. That's why I want to do everything within my power to give back! I want to show everyone that there is always people who need even a weak person like me who is frightened of the world. Because at least I need you, who is reading this.

And the departure of our precious member, Bou kun. The thought of breaking up came into my head. I was very mad. The fact that this family, that the members and the Cafekkos created, called Antic Cafe was going to break. But with everyone's strength we were able to continue without breaking apart the family. Even if we are apart, it doesn't change the fact that we are family. I want Bou kun's dream to come to true too. And meeting takuya and Yuuki. Almost 2 years has passed, but they are very hard working. It's been 5 years for me. 2 years for them. But now they aren't any different from Kanon, Teruki and I. The fact that we can feel that way, is because they worked so hard. They rescued AnCafe. We have overcome these 5 years with the 6 members, many staff, and the Cafekkos. Even though it felt short, I think there was a lot of drama. It was a live that celebrated that kind of 5 years, so we changed the stance from the usual lives. We wanted to do a "thank you so much for these 5 years" kind of live. The theme within me was love. I thought it would be nice if it became a live that gave you a warm feeling. Usually I try to act cool, but instead of weirdly trying to act cool, I wanted to face the Cafekkos with my real self. When you are your natural self, you don't get tired, and it's nice. I thought this was how I was originally supposed to be. Anyway, thank you so much for these 5 years. I love you.

And, there was an announcement of Nippon Budoukan, an idea I still can't grasp. Because for me this is really an important announcement. Because it's my number one dream. Since that number one dream is in front of my eyes, it becomes an idea I can't grasp. I seriously wonder if a person like me can stand at Nippon Budoukan. To be honest, I'm full of feelings of fright. Even more so because it's my number one dream. It might become a stage that I won't be able to stand ever again, so I told my parents they have to come. My parents who gave birth to me, and the Cafekkos who have supported me, I want these people to definitely watch. I want them to see my last way of living. I get a lot of messages that ask after Nippon Budoukan will you major debut?, but we actually haven't made any plans for after Nippon Budoukan. No lives, or events or anything. I believe for me, the goal of my life is Nippon Budoukan. Right now I can only see Nippon Budoukan. I'm just going to work hard towards that goal. I am definitely going to make my biggest dream come true. But it's not enough to just do a live at Nippon Budoukan. I need to be shining in the Cafekkos eyes. If I do happen to run pass the goal, I would like to find the dream that is ahead of that. I'm very sorry this became so long. Thank you to those who read all the way to the end.

Since my mind is so confused, I'm sorry that I wrote such random things. Right now I will try to sort out my heart. That is what I can do right now. Bye nyappy o(ツ≫??ツ?債≫?ヲ)o
That's so deep! I honestly didn't know he was taking anti-depression tablets D: That doesn't change the fact that he's still an amazing singer, and I still look up to him. I can't believe that I actually came within 100 metres of him when I went to their concert, something I believed would never happen! But I wish he wouldn't put himself down. He's too awesome! x]
Arigato. Ah it was honest and very gentle of Miku to write this things. its fullfilling and I adore how open he is to us Cafekkos. Um..About that his taking medicine for the sickness.
To be honest it chocked me a little. But in some way im glad to know it. I had a feeling for a very long time so it wasn't such a suprise, but still. I wish him all the luck at Budoukan, so sad i can't be there but i really going to support them from my computer. lol. Thanks again for posting it. Um and i wonder, aah i feel so terrible, but maybe you have the translation of the text Teruki wrote to?..I think wrote something, I've heard that but never found the translation . Gomenesai (;____;)
I read some posts about that some Cafekkos didn't dance and stuff at the concerts.
It was the same here. Some people actually screamed when Miku sang orange dream.
It made me really angry, and i really think An cafe didn't like sweden at all. It makes me sad. Well. I enjoyed my time. And Teruki wrote he did to so i trust as always. :?

What do you want the new PV to look like? I think its gonna be really NYAPPY :D
I have a question for anyone who has seen them live:eek: I saw in one of their live videos on youtube where they were throwing these huge beach balls or something into the crowd but that was back when Bou was still around. Do they still do that kind of stuff? I was just curious. Also are they really good live?! I want to see them sooooo bad!

Sorry, haven't been around for a while, but yes, I've seen them lately and yes, they still do that 👍

That was ok, the only thing I thought was a bit ridiculous was the duck doll thingy, they could try to invent something a bit more mature ... or then again ... *ha ha* maybe it's just me ...

... and i really think An cafe didn't like sweden at all. It makes me sad. Well. I enjoyed my time ...

oh, thats just stupid speculation, they seemed happy enough when they where here, I think they enjoyed it, no doubt, I don't know where you got that from, but it's just bull sh*t ...
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