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4wd access to remote areas of japan | Car insurance and registration

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16 Oct 2021
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Hi everyone
I am bringing my 4wd van from Australia to Japan, not including private property are there any restrictions for driving on dirt/unsealed roads or forestry tacks in japan, is it not allowed or do I need a permit, for instance in some national parks in Australia you have to have a permit to use 4wd in the park

Regarding comprehensive car insurance any advice on this, I have found chubb do insurance for cars and I am waiting to hear back from them, I'm trying to get quotes or price estimates before I land so it can be organised, i know i have to do an inspection and registration to, i found a garage near the port of Yokohama that can do that but again any advice u give would be great

thanks very much
18 Jan 2005
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Japan External Trade Organization(JETRO)
Car import procedure: Japan
For parallel imports and individual imports.
It is necessary to receive a vehicle customs clearance certificate at the time of import customs clearance, carry it out of the bonded area, and receive confirmation of conformity with the safety standards for each vehicle. Since overseas specification vehicles differ from domestic specifications in all aspects such as headlight optical axis, meter display, and exhaust gas measures, it is necessary to undergo the following measures and inspections to meet Japanese safety standards.

1. Make improvements such as exhaust gas measures at the maintenance shop.
2. Exhaust gas tests, etc. will be conducted at a public institution certified by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, and a test report will be issued.
3. Have a vehicle inspection at the land transportation office that has jurisdiction over the location.

Of the personal imports, when importing a vehicle for personal use due to moving from overseas, the special purpose tax exemption can be applied if certain conditions are met, including the following conditions.

1. It is for personal use by the immigrant or his / her family for two years from the date of the import license.
2. At the time of customs clearance, it can be proved that it was used by the immigrant with a foreign car registration card, health insurance card, transfer certificate, etc.
3. You can prove to the customs office under the jurisdiction of the place of import that you are entering the country to transfer your address to Japan.
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