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Question Visa renewal timing ahead of the official expiry date TEFL - ESL- ALT

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16 Jan 2020
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Hello Everyone

Obtaining a new working visa and the process has been on my mind recently as my working visa is set to expire December 2022, so not that far away. I'm mindful of the need to obtain a job and fulfil all conditions to remain legally working in Japan. My next job will begin in April of this year and is a one year contract set to end in March 2022. The contract states it's only 1 year and won't be renewed itself for a second year however that might just be for a year by year basis and if I impress, it just might be the case I am offered a second contract which should see me OK for a new working visa to get me through 2022 into 2023.

Covering myself a little, all bases considered, would I be able to apply for and obtain a new working visa myself, ahead of my current expiry date of December 2022 so as to give myself a new set of at least 3 years on a new visa with which to buy myself time to stay in japan and look for another job in the event my new April position really is only 1 year. If that's the case, I'd need to line up something new for April 2022 but I'll be honest. I'm worried about my future because I'm 45, not 25 and more than aware my age is beginning to count against me in regard to securing jobs. That's the harsh reality unfortunately but I'd like to stay in Japan, ideally where I'm currently located.

So to recap...could I apply for a working visa myself ahead of time so as to extend the December 2022 date on my current visa?

Any light shed on this would be appreciated, thank you.

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