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The Fanservice Thread

"Fanservice" slightly frightens me. (Don't kill me for this, but Gackt takes fanservice to far!)
I understand wanting to make the fans "want more" because I admit that sometimes (when it involves my bands) I love fanservice but they don't act so homosexual as some bands I have seen. I see fanservice as letting the fan use their imaginations not... well all this O.O

If you disagree then go ahead and say why you do. I would like to hear some other opinions on this topic :p
Fanservice.... frightens... hold on hold on... iant ever heard those two words together! I get it... it may seem uncomfortable to you, but if the band members didn't want to do it they wouldn't have done it. They know what gets fans going, and get some good profit off of it too. I mean sometimes ships between two members can go to far, but as far as casual fanservice such as a hug or kiss between the members, I think it feeds into the fans thoughts on them and makes them adore them more! But yeah the whole thing can be taken too far sometimes but I personally like fanservice because it can just be so HOT sometimes like wheewwww..... I need a fan 😩 🤣🤣🤣
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