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Stigmatised property


Unswerving cyclist
14 Mar 2002
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Looking for cheap real estate in Japan? Go hunt for stigmatised property! "Stigmatised" refers to anything from damaged property to polluted environment, criminal involvement, human issues, and even haunted places.

The Japanese term for such property is jiko bukken (事故物件, "damaged property") or shinriteki kashi bukken (心理的瑕疵物件, “property that may cause psychological harm”) and can result in significant savings for a new tenant/owner (usually deductions of 15-30 per cent). Real estate agents are legally obliged to disclose any matters that might constitute a "stigma", even hauntings if the previous tenant reported such. And here's the catch: they only need to inform successive potential tenants and often rent such places short-term to their own employees to circumvent that regulation.

Some real estate agencies are specialised in stigmatised property:

This is a fascinating website that lists stigmatised property all across Japan:

And here's the article:



Sailing away...
3 Aug 2007
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Interesting. Out of most of those I think I would go with a haunted place, as long as the ghost in female and cute I don't see a problem. ;)

Actually this reminds me of a skit or short that we saw on TV Japan at one point. I don't recall what it was named but the premise was this guy moving into an apartment that was apparently haunted. Shortly after moving in, the first night maybe, a female ghost shows up and is obviously trying to haunt him. The guy is surprised but not bothered and keeps acting like she is some sort of roommate. By the end he has her keeping house as she isn't contributing to rent. In the last scene you see him eating and watching TV while she is vacuuming in the background. I wish I remembered what it was called so I could find a clip and post a link to it. It was pretty funny and not in the beating people with canes way. ;)

nice gaijin

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8 Aug 2005
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Your new roommate is coming to help you move in, @Petaris! Just turn on your TV ;)

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