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Travel News Solo travel more popular among Japanese


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14 Mar 2002
A recent study by Euromonitor International reveals that amid the surge of inbound tourism, overtourism, and a weakening yen, a significant trend has emerged: Japanese travellers are increasingly opting for solo travel. The study shows that 19.2% of Japanese tourists prefer to travel alone, surpassing the global average of 7.2% and is higher than the preference for travelling with siblings (8.8%) or parents (6.6%). This marks a rise from 10.4% in 2019, while the global percentage has remained steady. Despite this trend, many Japanese still prefer travelling with friends (19.4%), children (29%), or their spouse/partner (48.8%).

As of 2023, single-person households account for 40% of all households in Japan, significantly higher than the global average of 20%.

The survey also notes that those between 30 and 44 years of age are the most likely to travel solo, which coincides with the wealthiest income-earning years, and a separate 2024 survey conducted by Euromonitor highlights 70% of respondents in Japan noted the impact of poor mental health on daily life. "Travel can be a way to deal with such stressful states, and the reason why we hear the term 'staycation' (a holiday without significant travel) and 'bleisure' (combines business and leisure) a lot in recent travel trends is the reflection of consumers seeking quick and attainable retreats and healing from travel." It's not just trips close to home that are appealing for Japanese travelers — despite the weak yen, Euromonitor found that the top five destinations for outbound Japanese tourists in 2023 were the United States, South Korea, China, Thailand and Taiwan.

More tour operators and regions emphasise "travel as a form of self-care." Marketing towards solo travellers often highlights phrases like "travel at your own pace" or "free-spirited travel," encouraging them to choose based on personal preferences. This trend suggests that as long as modern life's pressures drive us to seek escape through travel, destinations will always be ready to welcome us.

In my case, it is pretty easy to break down: solo travel until I got married, and en famille after. :)
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