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Signature of painting


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26 Sep 2015
I assume that the painting is a reproduction - the signature is not that of Hokusai as far as I can tell. Can anyone read the four kanji?

Kind of looks like 北寺 (Hokudera) and 定決 (Teiketsu?). A sharper picture might help, or close-ups of those two sections.
I've never heard of those names. Teiketsu wouldn't be a normal name for an artist or anybody, so put that one aside for now. At least until we get clearer shots.
Could be an homage painted by a western artist?
If you search for that image , you get about 100 like it , but none with those sigs. I'm guessing it's just a copy of a famous original. I have yet to figure out with PhotoShop how to greatly enlarge something without losing the detail and clarity , sad to say.
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