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Samurai were predominantly Ainu?

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Hi guys,
Found this forum a bit late but I did a DNA test years ago and forgot about it. I’m 100% Japanese (based on the DNA result). My mother’s family are direct descendants of a well-known samurai family who fought with the takeda clan. We have the kabuto in the main family’s home. My father’s side is from a humble family. I thought it would be nice to share some info for everyone. The interesting thing is all my descendants on my mother’s line were listed as coming from way up in northern Hokkaido. So I thought it was interesting to know Ainu’s were samurai. It seems in my case it’s a possibility. The test result didn’t list anything yayoi in my bloodline. I also think we should catch ourselves when we start to romanticize and define what it means to be Japanese based on blood and what we look like. I think it harms us and keeps us away from connecting with people and reality. We all have a beautiful history and our ancestors worked hard to bring us life in the present. Purity is kindness and compassion. I wanted to write that because I think sometimes it’s missing from a lot of posts about DNA and the Japanese identity. Sometimes it saddens me that we argue over purity but with the hidden agenda of hating a group of people. Peace & Light!
The Samurai And The Ainu

Does anyone else see an inconsistency between this proposition and historical records? As far as I know, the Ainu position was historically more akin to that of the Native Americans than that of the Conquistadors. For them to have been societal elites, samurai and nobles, in Japan seems rather out of line with what I have read about the historical relationship between the Japanese and the Ainu.
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