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Resident Evil: Did Capcom ruin it?

17 Sep 2003
Personally, I was more into the older games on the PS1, where you had the fixed camera angles. The story prior to 2005 was that all of these characters learned about Umbrella, who were the company responsible for the various viral outbreaks that made people into zombies. So each game was basically about their lives being changed. It was also a terrifying and compelling franchise when it had an identity. Unlike now.

After RE4 came out, I could see that the franchise became a very overrated, boring, action style series being drained dry by a major company, that dissolved it into the 'run and gun' category during 2005 and beyond, with characters now playing it cool, and the tension was mostly absent due to their experience making them too well prepared and not afraid. Oh, and every enemy drops ammo. That is just NOT scary whatsoever. :(

But I often notice Capcom copying other games, which is shallow. Not only that, they constantly feel the need to milk the games by doing remake type storylines in the games, and movies, just because 1998 was when Raccoon City was still around in the canon. And even with the newest entry, they tried to copy RE4 again.

You go to a village in both RE4 and RE8. It is kind of just the same concept, but not nearly as good. But every site has people giving it 10/10 scores. It is letting Capcom know that less is really more, in their eyes. But it is really not helpful...

What do you think?

It is so hard to find any active forums online anymore. But, yeah. Fanboys of any series won't care. So I reserve the right to not be troubled by them any longer. They obviously like dull remakes with a lot of cut stuff, and the tall vampire lady called "Lady Dimitrescu" is so daft, and she is not even indicative of the what the series is supposed to concern. So... I will just light a match under RE now. It is basically dead. :)
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I don't know much about RE, but from distance, I feel (and hear about) that the game becomes more about action and fight than horror. Which is too bad; the early vibes were epic

I guess the action style is more prefered by the general crowd though, it probably sells better as the average gamer loves this game style.

Other Horror franchises have been released in recent years, so there's a SMALL chance that the trend grows, and Capcom goes for it too, a little retro. Even better if Konami came with Silent Hill back, gosh it would be the sht but I'm not very hopeful all this happens
The thing with RE though, is that meat pullers still support Capcom.

That last sequel was so silly. You have vampires, a robot man, a fat merchant, and a living doll. Like, none of it even adds up.

Those remakes were disappointing. Imagine cutting out the original ivys, just to add in zombie plants with that death bite attack. :D
Yes, they are trying to be "creative" through a path that doesnt add anything to the essence of the franchise, actually making it a little too ridiculous, sad

Another thing Id thought lately though is the whole virtual reality and metaverse things, Horror is THE GENRE for such immersive tendencies‼! Again, Im not very hopeful given the directions that Capcom have gone, but theres some hope they could do something more Horror oriented again, even if its a spin off game, it would be better than nothing
They always go back to the year 1998 to milk the franchise. Like, this summer.

They have a Netflix series with Wesker... being a black guy now.

Just what is the point!? :p
Interesting, I dont know the details, but maybe theres a hope the series will be good, Netflix series are usually fine

I dont remember about the RE movies, as I watched only the first ones and its been reeally long... were the first movies good?I know that people dont like the recent movies, but I dont hear much about the old ones
The movies by Paul Anderson I'd say are okay popcorn movies, but they are largely detested by the fans. The main heroine Alice is played by the director's wife, and is an original character, specifically created for the movies. However, the heroes in the games do heavily feature.

The various animated films though, are decent. They are actually connected to the games, in a shared universe of sorts.

But the games have went and become so crappy. With the remakes, they attempted to make them artificially scary by making the zombies into bullet absorbing sponges. But even the older games didn't do this. Like, in the first remake, they included Crimson Head zombies that weren't in the 1996 version. But I wouldn't say Capcom made them intentionally hard to kill. They just made them terrifying, but it was still fair play.

But at least the first remake in 2002 retained the story aspects. With the RE2 and 3 remakes, everything was overhauled. The B scenario that was once distinct from the A section, no longer feels unique. It's basically a cut and paste job of your first run through the game, with a slight little twist.

I have little faith in Capcom any longer. But if you need a great company to support, go with Naughty Dog. They actually take their time. They have been on fire now for years!
Thank you, I didnt even know there were animated movies of it, Ill try to watch some time when I can

I know Naughty Dog but searched about it and found out it was acquired by Sony long ago, whoa Ive been really far away from the details

About the Netflix series, Capcom isnt directly involved with the making, is it?For now anyway I have some hope it may be worth it
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