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Reporting stock on taxes

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3 Mar 2022
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Hi, I have a question for US expats on US taxes, in particular anyone who has dealt with RSUs.

I work for a US company and moved to Japan, keeping the same job. Part of my income is in the form of restricted stock units (RSU). I understand that I need to report the shares that vested on my Japanese tax return, and have hired an accountant to assist.

My question has to do with filing my US taxes. When working in the US the vested RSUs appear on your W2, but here they aren't included on the Gensen Choshu Hyo. I have documents from my company showing the vested stocks (and the taxes already paid for me on them).

My question is how do I report these vested stocks on my US taxes? I've lived in other countries, and know how to use the Foreign earned income exclusion. I'm just not certain what docs to include for the RSUs. Are the company docs sufficient, or do I need to ask my account to create a certain Japanese form that shows I paid taxes on them? He only specialized in Japanese tax, and doesn't know himself.

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