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Seeking Radula perrottetii


22 Sep 2021
Radula perrottetii is a liverwort native to Japan. No matter how hard I try I can't get any spores/seeds for it online. If anyone knows someone or can give me advice, where a better place to ask is, let me know.

Regards Joko
Herzlich willkommen!

Liverwort seems to translate to 苔類 tairui, and Radula perrottetii is the species name in Japanese, too.

You could ask the online shop linked below, it looks as if they are specialised in moss:

Thank you very much you helped me out alot, the shop doesn't offer the moss I am looking for. But due to the japanese name I found many blogs and sent some mails.

This website is a very good idea, thank you very much guys!
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