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Mitsubishi Fudosan to build Disneyland-sized theme park in Yokohama


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14 Mar 2002
Theme parks? You can never have enuff of them!

Mitsubishi Estate is set to build a theme park in Yokohama that will rival the size of Tokyo Disneyland. Yokohama's municipal government announced on 14 September that it had selected the real estate giant to redevelop part of a piece of land in the city's Seya Ward that was previously used as a U.S. military site.


Mitsubishi plans to open the park in 2031, initially targeting at least 12 million visitors annually. The chunk of land, formerly home to a U.S. radio facility, covers 242 hectares and was returned to Japanese authorities in 2015. The theme park is expected to fill a 51-hectare area, with a commercial complex and other buildings using the remaining land. According to estimates based on the price tag for developing Tokyo Disneyland, the project will likely cost billions of dollars. While Mitsubishi is still ironing out specific plans on what to feature in the theme park, the company is looking to take advantage of surging interest in Japanese animation and video games at home and abroad. It expects attractions to use cutting-edge technology such as virtual reality.

Paywall alert:

The former Kamiseya Communications Facility site measures roughly 242 hectares, or 52 times the size of Tokyo Dome. State-owned and private land each account for 45% of the area; the rest is city-owned land. Mitsubishi Estate will redevelop a 70.6-hectare area called the "Kanko, Nigiwai Chiku" (sightseeing and bustling district). No concrete plans have been decided for the other areas. The city is considering introducing a new transportation system to improve access to the theme park.

I'd have preferred a nature reserve.

Wasn't it Alex Kerr who stated Japan was waging a constant war against nature?

In our area, every square inch of nature is gradually being "developed." Forests, bamboo groves, and fruit orchards are being razed, covered in concrete and turned into residential homes. There is a controversial building project on a steep section leading up our hill, where land was being reclaimed by digging into the slope. Last week, a landslide almost caused the buildings situated on top of the slope to collapse.

I blame greed.

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