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Travel News Masks and insurance required for foreign tourists

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14 Mar 2002
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Next Friday, 10 June, foreign tourists will be allowed back into Japan under the following restrictions:

  • a daily cap of 20,000 visitors
  • guided tours only (from 98 countries)
  • tourists must wear masks
  • tourists must take out travel insurance to cover medical bills

Under the guidelines, travel agencies will gain the consent of tour participants to comply with the measures by explaining upon sales or reservation of tours that they will not be penalized for failing to comply but may not be able to take part in tours. The guidelines also state that travel agencies will set tour routes to avoid crowded areas and select facilities that thoroughly implement antivirus measures, and gather information on multilingual medical institutions and hotels for isolation. While in Japan, the agencies will transport tour participants found to be infected with the novel coronavirus to medical institutions and support them until they leave the country. They will also ask participants to notify them if they are found infected with the novel coronavirus within a week after returning home.

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