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Koransha Blue and Orange floral vase with handles

Hello Clare, I took a look, but I couldn't dig up any more information than what you already have. Well, I was wondering about the attribution, because the sticker certainly says Kōransha, but I couldn't find any signature, so I am wondering if this really is a Kōransha piece, or if the sticker is misleading us. OR, there could be a symbol under that sticker that might help narrow it down.

The black number on the base is a museum acquisition number?
Hi Majestic , Thank you for getting back to me. I have got in touch with the General Affairs department of Koransha and they have mentioned to me that the sticker confirms that the item is Koransha, price etc. They have advised that if we are permitted to remove the purchase sticker we can find the "real" Koransha sticker and then will be able to date the beautiful piece. Curatorial will see if we are permitted to do this. Yes, the black number is the museum acquisition number on all items.
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Price sticker has been removed. Waiting for piece to be dated but assume from 1875-1893 when Koransha, I believe, started using Mount Fuji as the signature on the base.


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