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Question Japanese black magic?


9 Dec 2020
Can I ask if anyone knows the name of I guess its Japanese black magic where a card is placed over a persons face?
Just need to read up on it for reference.
Where did you find this mentioned? Is this anime or manga related?
Is it this you are referring to?

I am not sure whether those cards are related to traditional Japanese culture. My guess is that they carry a special meaning in the Dragonballz series only. Perhaps someone with more insight will chime in later. :)
That's what i was hoping ive seen it before but since wanting to write a comic ans seen it in dragon ball thought id learn more about it first
I was wondering if there were other spells other than reanimation?
In Japanese mythology, there is a sacred treasure that revives the dead.

十種神宝(Tokusa no Kandakara)10 sacred treasures.
1 .沖津鏡(おきつかがみ)(okitsukagami)
2 .辺津鏡(へつかがみ)(hetsukagami)
3 .八握剣(やつかのつるぎ)(yatsukanotsurugi)
4 .生玉(いくたま)(ikutama)
5 .足玉(たるたま)(tarutama)
6 .死返玉(まかるかへしのたま)(makarukaheshinotama)
7 .道返玉(ちかへしのたま)(chikaheshinotama)
8 .蛇比礼(へびのひれ)(hebinohire)
9 .蜂比礼(はちのひれ)(hachinohire)

The sacred treasure of resuscitation is the sixth 死返玉((makarukaheshinotama).
A ball that can revive the dead. Place it on your left chest, hold your hand over it, cast a spell, and turn it with Yura Yura.
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