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Travel Japan Travel Cheat Sheet

Tokyo Paul

2 Feb 2021
I made this "Japan Travel Cheat Sheet" (free) with my tips and some advice for traveling in Japan.
Click on the link below to visit the published Google Doc, it's free! (Please share it with anyone who might need it)


  • Japan Travel Cheat Sheet (1).pdf
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Thanks for sharing your cheat sheet, Paul! This is useful. Are you planning on updating it monthly?

I always thought this was the "water bus":


I was wrong; it's the Sky Duck. On my bucket list.

By the way, you still have a few 'Romanji" in the text. :)
Updating it monthly would be a good idea I am think of doing, any specific suggestions there please?
Sky duck looks cool, hopefully I can ride one one day.
Ah, a few Romanji in the text, good to know, can you point it out to me please so I can fix the issue please?
Thanks Thomas!
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