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How Expensive is it to Travel Japan? | Budget Travel Tips


20 Jan 2015

How to Turn High-Cost Japan into a Cheap Place to Visit

Updated: 11/20/2018 | November 20th, 2018

For years, I put off traveling to Japan because I was afraid of how expensive it would be. The rumors I'd heard about the country's high prices made me hesitant to go. I've always loved Japanese culture, and I knew any visit would involve gorging on sushi and ramen, visits to lots of temples, and heavy train travel through the countryside. And the thought of how much that would cost always made me think, "I'll wait until I have more money."

When I finally visited Japan years ago in 2011, I was shocked to discover that, while it isn't cheap, Japan isn't the prohibitively expensive country many people think it is. In fact, I actually found Japan to be very affordable and on par with (and sometimes cheaper than) countries in Western Europe. In subsequent visits, I've learned to further master the country and turn high-cost Japan into an affordable place to visit.

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I can say, since the coronavirus, flying out of New York, I found the price really cheap, below $900. But some or most airline like American Airline cost over $1,400. For those who are really want to go, from my opinion start look after the summer and see what you can get a cheap flight. Normal cost for me to fly to Japan is $1,200.

What happen with JAL free flight promo.
We generally have paid between $950 (really cheap) to $1650 USD per ticket over the years. The cheapest were for our kids who, at the time, qualified for 75% pricing. More recently the price range has been closer to $1050 to $1250 on average. Our kids are all now "adults" as far as the airlines are concerned as the last of them has turned five years old so no more partial tickets.
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