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Are there positives or benefits of social withdrawing?
Maybe you would get less infections? Difficult to think of too many positive things about being a social outcast.
I imagine such people don't consume as much, thus their negative impact to the planet would be reduced. But for benefits to the individual, I can't think of any.
I know a couple of people online who are at least partially hikikomori, and it's worth bearing in mind that there are gradations of withdrawal from society between full immersion in society at one extreme and hiding in your bedroom for decades at the other extreme. The two people (one with good mental health and one with poor mental health) are both highly selective about who they interact with, to the point that they do not wish to work in a normal Japanese office if at all possible. And having worked in a very toxic office environment in Japan, made worse by the fact that staff have to silently endure the problems their 'superiors' cause them, I understand this feeling perfectly - I don't think I will ever work in in an office in Japan again. Both people I know are intelligent, sensitive and perceptive, have been bullied at work, and make the same criticisms of Japanese society that I do. You can argue that a benefit to a hikikomori is that they don't have to interact with a society that they find very difficult to deal with.
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