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News Gifu Castle debuts in Fortnite Metaverse


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14 Mar 2002
Gifu City introduces its iconic castle to the metaverse, allowing global visitors to explore virtually.

Gifu City has introduced its famed castle into the metaverse, inviting people worldwide to visit it in a digital format. The meticulously crafted metaverse rendition of Gifu Castle, linked to the notable historical figure Nobunaga Oda, is located on Mount Kinka. The castle provides a panoramic view of the city, with Gifu Park at the foot of the mountain. The newly launched "Gifu Castle" metaverse initiative can be accessed via Gifu's official website or through Fortnite's Build Mode. The virtual tour allows guests to roam the castle's premises, engage with virtual inhabitants, and gain insights into its historical significance.


The main objective behind this endeavour is to inspire real-world visits following the virtual experience. This initiative follows a trend of using Web3 technologies to boost tourism. Recently, Wales made headlines as the first UK nation to venture into the metaverse, leveraging virtual experiences to showcase real-world attractions. Similarly, Japan Airlines collaborated with innovation firm Hakuhodo in February to launch NFT applications, transforming local experiences into digital assets. The aim was to revive regional tourism and enhance visitor engagement.

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