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Denboin Bees Protecting Their Hive

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17 Jan 2022
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Firstly, I did a domain specific search using these:

The last one returned the following result:

Well, as I write this I'll have to admit to not being sure it was the last one, as I've been squeezing this between other tasks and I'm working with some notes from a few days ago. The older notes are because I wanted to allow some time for somebody else to put up an article or post on the discussion platform.

And what it was a few days ago was this article on the Mainichi's site in English:
Tokyo ward sues 32 shops along historic Asakusa street for alleged illegal occupancy

In addition, we could read the full Japanese version on the 18th, which surprised me:
浅草・伝法院通り32店に立ち退き提訴 台東区、不法占拠と主張

Surprised because usually one is required to fork out some cash to read the full Japanese version.

Moving on, there are so many variables one must take into consideration while studying this situation, but I wonder if that group of stall owners will be able to prove to a judge (or judges) that Uchiyama-san actually gave them permission to do business along that street.

It's already an interesting case, but more twists and turns can't be ruled out.

I tried to find a live camera for that area, but the best I could come up with is this:

And a link to Wikipedia would be proper, wouldn't it:
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