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Law Court dismisses university's contract termination of English teacher

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14 Mar 2002
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A district court dismissed Nagasaki University's termination of a Belgian instructor's employment contract just before he was eligible for an unfixed work contract. The court ruled that the contract termination "lacked rationality" and recognized his right to an unfixed term of employment on top of unpaid wages.

Luc Loosveldt, 62, had demanded that the university recognize his position as an assistant professor of English, arguing that he was unfairly terminated just before he would have been eligible for the right to convert his fixed-term labor contract to an unfixed one after five years of employment. The Nagasaki District Court judged that Loosveldt had reasonable expectations for the continuation of his contract, and that the university's response was "not reasonable under socially accepted norms." The court also ordered the university to pay his unpaid wages since the termination of his employment.

The university stated that it was deplorable that their claim was not recognized. They would consider their future response after carefully examining the content of the court decision.

Mainichi first reported about the case in 2019:



30 Jun 2020
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it is not that difficult to fire a full time either regardless of legality. In most cases companies do not expect a lawsuit, because the way the law works, you cannot get another job as the assumption is that you want to go back. So if you do mass layoffs, at most you only get a few lawsuits as very few people can afford go through the law suit process.
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