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what is with all these pointless, having nothing to do with anything threads that have been running rampant as of late? what a dash has to do with japan, i know not. was hoping to have it explained to me when i opened the thread, but low and behold the problem only seemed to multiply. so i moved this to chit chat but then theres not much chitting or chatting in that post either, though it certainly is misc.

so whats an advisor to do? delete it? no, no, no, no, as im sure many other curious minds will be tricked into opening this thread only to find a two dashes, confusion and a rant in B minor. i decided to leave it here as a warning. so here it is: take heed all you ne'er-do-wells, any more of these shenanigans and your threads will be usurped by the almighty delete button.

have a nice day :)

He left his computer logged in and left it. His pet parakeet landed on the keyboard and walked around. Bingo, you have a new mind-boglling thread !
I have to be honest, most of my best posts are done by my cat while I'm in another room. She's very intellectual, has a great sense of humor, and even spells better than me !! I deleted her first few, but decided to let her fill in for me once in a while. Through her, I've been able to make people on the Forum think I'm occasionally clever & or funny !
Anyway, I'm quite sure that's how this post came about; right Buntaro??

Frank (or Frank's cat??)

Are we supposed to think this is cute or something?

The only thing cute about this thread thus far, is the image of Frank's cat closely studying the forum and then tapping away on the keyboard.
what if his cat is from japan and knows japanese already!!!! Is this a way that the supreme cat "Franks" talk to other cats on the forum who have and probally will remain nameless and try and take over the forum!! Franks cat is clever remember....were all doomed!!! WATCH OUT THOMAS!!!! :p
Originally posted by Keiichi
What if Frank doesn't have a cat, but he is the cat! Using cleverness to pose as a human.

It's true... Frank's cat is a genius and has been leading us on a wild goose chase... see for yourself in this recent photo;

[We as a team have exposed Frank the Cat and he's now trying to commit suicide to avoid the pound(Jail) ]

what was this thread about again anyways..

he started this thread !!

Frank the Cat


PS I got my eyes on dat bird !!!!
@Buntaro, I"v come across some interesting (personal threads) in my time but this one kinda takes the biscuit, whos or what's it about??
shall we make it up as we go along lol 🙂

Originally posted by Frank D. White
he started this thread !!

Frank the Cat


PS I got my eyes on dat bird !!!!

Does he dress up like a samurai and love pizza?

haha, I"m thrilled to have ghost/spirit watching over me :D
haven't you heard????
ghost/spirit watching over you means ..... that demons/vampires etc. cant violate you!!:eek:
As a person, I am quite happy to have ghost stalk me 24/7, hahaha:clap: 😌 but I"m sure he does not,
hahaha scared you all!!!, but may-be I know a little more than you do!!!
@ ghost, I"m your friend for life!!!🙂 🙂 🙂
It wasn't my parakeet....!

This is Buntaro finally reporting in. No, it wasn't my parakeet! It was....


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