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Strange... Are you getting any error-message?

We did have a server migration this morning, so perhaps something went wrong there.

Don't worry, Thomas will fix it as soon as he get's online again.
Hi Ancella,

which problems did you encounter? Are you referring to Private Messages?
I don't know what happend, but.. I can't even reply a post or insert new threads. I can only send this thread. And if I can insert a new one, I can't insert smilies to my post or threads, and that's really strange. Can it be because the server I use here or what??? hicks.. (^_^;)
Oh... please... help me!!!!
See... I even don't clik smilies button, but.. it appears by it self?!
I try to clik it (on the smilies board) but... I doesn't work!! Ok, what's happening to me???
The smilies need to be fixed. It's a Javascript issue, and I like JS *sooo* much (as I have no clue about it, lol). For the time being, please add the smilies manually.
I finally found the error. The bouncy legion of smilies is again ready for action.

:) 😄 :D
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