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1962-63 NTTPC English class-Hiroshima

Seeking my old students/friends from Hiroshima NTTPC English conversation class 1962-63.....Keiko Hiraki (Hiroshima Ken)..... her brother: Masa Hiraki (same address, Tomio Kawate, Michiko Nakano ...Watashi wa kai hentai deshita, Iwakuni Kichi...I found Tomio Kawate several years ago but lost my phone and all contact info :<(......... I am having health problems and want to let them know how grateful I am to take such good care of me. I also want to invite them to come to Denver, Colorado, for a visit. Domo Arigato Gozaimasu.
Domo arigato gozai mashita, woody-san. If anyone can help me make contact, please use the private message contact here on JREF, or if you need more details, please contact me.
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Not sure if it will happen to you Woody , but in the past , spammers have used personal info to bombard our members with SPAM. I guess there are websites where they can sell & post personal info for anyone to see and make use of. It's up to you , but usually we say "please use the personal "contact" here to contact me" and it will be safer for you. If you need help editing or deleting (if you want) , let me know.
Thanks, Uncle Frank, I have an appointment, will return and deal with this, my first time and I made typos that I couldn't correct. Thanks, Woody.
ok uncle frank finally got all my doctor appointments behind me, look i.m a geriatric IT Luddite, I got lost trying to figure out the best way to go about this when I saw that I couldn't correct things I started over, you have permission to :
1, delete the first one
2, put it the right category for best results
3, remove data that could be used by the wrong people, FYI, my kids have put some spam protection on my computer...
4, tell me the good protocol for sharing my address for people who I'm trying to find,
5, should I be more specific in the thread b header, i.e. "seeking my English conversation class students NTTPC '62-63."
thank you woody
OK , I took your post and just deleted the private details. I think if you look at my edit (the second post in this thread now) it should be OK. I won't delete the first post till you OK my changes.
Had to jury rig a bit because if you delete the first post it will delete the whole thread. Hopefully the changed title will help people spot it better. I'm afraid if I do too much more I will screw it all up. I will say that contacting old friends in Japan is a real shot in the dark. It seems people often move and the females get married and change their name. I actually joined JREF in 2003 trying to find a bunch of old friends and had no luck. I'll cross my fingers for you.
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