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今日烏天狗 が来た。

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11 Mar 2020
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烏天狗 (からすてんぐ) here.

I'm quite glad to have stumbled upon this site, as it appears to have a very helpful community with many resources and features that I think will help me on the road to Japanese fluency.

A bit about me:
-I'm a 29 year old American guy.
-I work for the government in a job that requires language proficiency.
- As you might expect, I enjoy Japanese culture, language, history, folklore (as you might suspect from my username) and pop culture; but, aside from that I have many other interests and hobbies ranging from Brazilian Jujitsu and weight lifting to reading and playing the guitar.
-Initially I took several credits of Japanese while attending college, and although it taught me a lot, I have had a lot more success by revisiting Japanese on my own and using resources like Anki, Wanikani, Pimsuler, Genki, 80/20 Japanese and iTalki.
- I'm only in the infancy of "re-learning" and continued learning of Japanese, but am looking forward to spending time on the forums to help my skills grow.

I hope to call on some of you for assistance and good conversation as time goes on and look forwarding to returning the favor to others in the future as my knowledge of Japanese increases.


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