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Senkin Organic Nature Kimoto

Senkin Organic Nature Kimoto (仙禽 オーガニック ナチュール) is made of organic rice and wild yeast using an ancient brewing technique called kimoto.
Colour / hue
Usui Kazuki, the 11th generation kuramoto of Senkin, is a former wine sommelier, which explains a lot of the enological terminology employed at Senkin: organic, nature, and domaine (or terroir). For its Nature series, Senkin used organic rice, in this case, Kame-no-o rice, grown in their "domaine", on fields located just around the brewery. Rice (partly unpolished, partly milled to 90%), koji, water, and wild yeast are all the ingredients used in the production of the sake. It has a clean nose with notes of cream and coconut and dried fruits (apricots). Slightly effervescent, with a good balance of acidity and umami, medium sour finish. Quite tangy, so definitely food sake.
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