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Again, veering off bicycle tracks taken dozens of times made me discover this gem of a temple on the steep slopes of the Akigawa valley. It was well worth the climb! Kōtokuji (広徳寺), formally known as Ryūkakuzan Kōtokuji (龍角山l広徳寺), is located in Akiruno, Tōkyō, is a Buddhist temple that belongs...
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Hello, In this post I plan to go over some of the requirements for travel and also my thoughts and impressions of them. Visa: I was traveling with my family to visit my wife's mother. Normally US citizens can take advantage of the Visa Waiver agreement between the US and Japan for visiting...
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Exploring the right banks of the Tama River upstream of Hamura, I happened to pass Entakuzan Hōkōji, a temple of the Sōtō School of Buddhism dating to the 15th century, famous for one of Japan's recent Great Buddha statues, that of Rokiya Daibutsu (鹿野大仏), an 18-metre tall bronze cast in Yamagata...
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