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Zoro x Sanji (One Piece) doujinshi, burnt stew "he he"


13 Jun 2018
Hi everybody. I'm looking for a Zoro x Sanji doujinshi that I read at myreadingmanga.info a few years ago. I remember the whole story, but I don't remember the title. Can someone help me out pls? I'll provide details:

The story as I remember, starts with Zoro sitting in a bar. Some guy nearby are telling his friends about how he made a girl scream/cry 'he he' last night. When Zoro questions this, the guy says "You haven't pleased your girl/partner until you make her/him go 'he he' ". Zoro reflects on this and returns to his crews ship. He has made his partner Sanji moan and scream lots of different things but never 'he he'. So, even though Sanji is in the middle of cooking stew when he arrives, Zoro seduces him and has sex with him in the kitchen. Though he is determined to not let Sanji, or himself, orgasm until Sanji says 'he he'. Sanji is of course completely unaware of this detail. They continue having sex for quite a while and Zoro starts thinking what he heard in the bar was just a rumor after all. Meanwhile Sanji who is exhausted, notices the kitchen is foamy and full of smoke. And the smoke is coming from the overcooked stew, which caught fire. At this point, Sanji starts screaming 'he he' (in japanese it somehow means fire). But Zoro thinks he's finally saying it because of him. And so their prolonged sex session finally comes to an end. Later, when the crew assemble to dine, Chopper, the youngest crew member, is upset because they didn't get stew like Sanji had promised him. But Sanji says it's Zoro's fault and he'll make it up. And Zoro himself has a very pleased expression on his face for the rest of the whole day. And that's everything. Please help me.
Updaye: I found two images from the doujinshi. The first is when Zoro is in the bar and The second is neat end of Zoro and Sanjis sex~
Hope this is helpful


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