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16 Jan 2004
Zoey is a 19 year old female vocalist from Ashiya. Her debut single "Venus as a Boy," a Bjork cover, was released by Columbia Records on Sept. 3, 2003. She has since released her second single "Fake Smile" on Nov, 5, 2003 and her first album "Zoey" on Jan. 7, 2004. Check out her homepage: http://www.zoey.co.jp She's hot, sexy and very talanted. A rising star in Japan ... Zoey ...


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Everyone in Japan knows Zoey. She's the hottest singer right now. Her Venus As A Boy video is wicked and sexy. There's a way you can see it by going to her websight http://www.zoey.co.jp and clicking on the little man in the lefthand corner. This will link you to another site that has full lengh videos and some live performances. Good luck!😄
Thanx .. Great Video ... Fake Smile is cool too. She's awesome ... I've heard a Japanese singer as good as she is. I'll see if I can order her CD on Amazon.
OOPS ... I meant to say I've never heard a Japanese vocalist as talented as Zoey.:sing:
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Zoey "Fake Smile" Jacket


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Zoey "Venus as a Boy" Jacket


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ya know undercover you can post all these pics in one thread rather than 3...
Zoey is the hot!!! She actually didn't debut in Japan. Her first two records were 12" trance and drum n bass remixes that were dropped in London last year. She charted big time. I don't remember the titles but they were phat. I just bought her album ....... **** ........ she is the **** ....... unreal!!!!!!! I only wish I understood Japanese .... I'll check the titles and get back to you all.
You're right. Zoey had two remixes that were release underground only in London. 1) You Make Me Feel and 2) Iyana Yatsu. You Make Me Feel charted No. 3 and Iyana Yatsu charted No. 2.
I live in London. Anyone who was clubbing last summer knows of Zoey. But yea, that's the titles. Looking at the credits on the album, Zoey recorded and mixed her record in Loondon. Now I know why its so good. Brits were involved. lol
Does she live in London or Japan? If she lives in London I'm moving there, if she lives in Japan I'll move there. Man can she sing.
No way man I want her for myself. Stay in London and clubbing or something. lol
No kink for me man. Just me and Zoey. She so hot I'd galdly take seconds or thirds or forths etc...
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