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Zhongguo and ... (South Korea)

Hanada Tattsu

12 Aug 2003
As most of us should know, China, in 1949, had changed from a Socialist Nationalistic State to a Full Blown Communist Republic during the Chinese Civil War. Under the leadership of Mao Tse-Tsung, the Red Communists took control of China, which was still recovering from fourteen years of brutal Japanese annexation. Now, I know that before, China's main religion had been Buddhism, but now, I heard that it is officially Athiest. Are most Chinese people Athiest, or Buddhist? I mean, are most of the Chinese entertainers and news casters and stuff I see on TV Athiests, and for instance, are people in China, regular people just walking down the streets, most likely to be Athiests? Basically, what religion in China is what Shinto Buddhism is to Japan; the largest, major religion, observed by the most people?

I've asked this before, and every time I have, I have recieved different answers. I know how to say China and Japan in their native languages; Zhongguo and Nihon. Now, how do you say South Korea in South Korean? I know Hanguk is Korea, the entire state of Korea, and if Korea is united, it will be called Hanguk. But until then, I know Bukhan is North Korea, and Namhan is South Korea. I mean, what do most regular people, like actors, young people, newscasters, and just regular young people walking down the street call South Korea? Namhan, or another name?
Yes, run a few searches on religion in China and see what turns up.

As I understand it, most people who choose/are allowed to practice religion draw a lot from Confucian traditions. You do find Daoist priests at funerals and a revival of rural temples in some areas. With this new brand of communism coming out of China, it seems that restrictions on religion are lessening, however, only to the degree that it does not undermine the state (most Christians, the sect whose name I can't spell (starts with an F) and others still are not free to worship).

I'm no expert on religion in modern China so please corect me if I am wrong. A good scholarly Internet site will serve you much better. Good luck.
I thought the most religion of china is dao. Did u know that? and some of them are taken, Confucius. :D
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