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15 Mar 2002
I'm proud to announce the launch my own weblog, which carries the title "Zenlog", named after my Kink FM radioshow "Everything Zen".
The primary focus will be on informing the readers about new music from Japan, but it will also be filled with other trivial stuff that crosses my path in life.

You can find the Zenlog here: http://www.xs4all.nl/~pzoon

I like the design a lot. Hmmm, did your poster have anything to do with the design? Also, what blog did you end up using?
No, my old site was this red already. That one was red on black and for this one i had the opposite in mind, but white on red turned out to be a better combination.

The blog comes from Pitas. It sits on their servers and it has to be updated through their site as well.
I simply framed it into my own design which resides at my ISP.
wow,, I'v just spent 30mins there, great Peter, I'll go back later and have a more relaxed look later, but brillant stuff so far,
30 minutes? What were you doing? It hardly cost me 30 minutes to create. :)
Finally the last of Peter Zoon's secrets are going to be revealed! Btw, who prepared your pan-cakes?
Ha! Good news!
The all new design for the 2003 Zenlog has just been put live. It's quite minimalistic in design terms, but it looks a hell of a lot more professional. And it's still here: http://www.xs4all.nl/~pzoon
Thanks for selling your soul to japanreference.com! :D

I like your design, Peter! I'm a minimalist myself, though my wife calls me just dilettante, lolol.

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