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That man in the corner
15 Mar 2002
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Zenlog, the site with up to date news on Japanese music, now finally has it's own domainname: www.zenlog.com

It's now also possible to order any featured releases, with a clickthrough to YesAsia.com.

See you there!
Wow, sounds great, looks fantastic, Peter! Congrats! 👍
Thanks... i'm still wondering if i shouldn't have gone for the .co.jp domain. :)
Yikes, those are Japanese prices. I'm just paying 15 Euro a year.
Zenlog.com now has it's own forum!
I only installed it yesterday, but so far everything seems to be running smoothly. I'll probably do some graphical tweaking in the coming days.
Check it out here: http://forum.zenlog.com
Looking good, Peter! Zenlog's about to fill the vacuum Bonsai's departure has left. Go for it.

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