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Zen Gardens and How to Create One in Your Backyard


Apr 28, 2015
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Hey people.

As some of you may remember from my previous post about Hanami, I'm really interested in gardening and Eastern cultures. I've spend some time in China and having visited the the Saihō-ji temple (西芳寺) in Kyoto, as well as numerous parks in mainland China, the same question keeps coming back to my mind - can I bring a bit of this feeling of peacefulness and tranquility back home with me?

Don't know about you guys, but I always want to have a place I can relax my mind and meditate a bit. Truth be told, your backyard may be just this place and I sincerely hope that my article would inspire or help you get ideas how to create a mini Zen Garden at home.

If you feel interested and want to see some stunning photos of Zen Gardens, come this way.