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Emperor Gakihito
3 Jul 2003
I saw a clip of it whilst in a store the other day, it's Beat Takeshi's new movie.
Seems to be about Samurai.

Anyone seen it yet ? (or is it even released?)
The only official release I know of is the Japanese 2 disc set.

I have seen it, and I really liked it alot. Very stylish, but honors the original series by not being to modern or anything. Kitano takes his part well, and the action is what Samurai action should be. The shorter the battle, the more skilled the swordsman. Neddless to say, Zatoichi doesn't have very long battles! :D

The use of music in the movie is interesting, and very well done too.

I would recommened it highly!

I don't know where you are located, but if you are in the US, I can recommend the online store where I bought it, if you are interested.
Zatoichi, and about me.

👍 I ordered the dvd from eBay a day or two ago, and I am highly anticipating this movie. Please write a short review and a rating out of 10.

I am a huge Japanese/Korean movie fan, here's my list of favorite movies:

Battle Royale and Battle Royale II: Requiem [Japanese]
2009- Lost Memories [Japanese]
Joint Security Area: JSA [Korean]
All-In (Korean SBS TV-Series) [Korean]
Memories of Murder [Korean]

Hopefully Zatoichi will be a good addition!

I also have other movies such as 'Sympathy for Mr Vengeance', 'Jisato Kirku (Suicide Cirlce)', 'Coast Gaurd', and 'Brother'. But those aren't very good.

Of course I have seen a ton of other films but I don't own them on dvd.. yet. One on my list is 'Returner', a pretty good movie, nothing spectacular, but good. The funniest movie I have seen is 'Sex is Zero', it's way better than 'American Pie', a lot more grosser too! :D

I am eager to see Tube. If anyone has seen it please tell me about it. Thanks.

:D 🍜 😌 😲 😄 :giggle: :p 😊
I saw it last night. It was damn good. You have to give it to Takeshi, he's got style.

One thing I didn't understand; what's up with the crazy half-naked Samurai wannabe?
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