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15 Jul 2003
Hi there

I'm searching for information about a 7" single with a Japanese band called Zapp. The single is called Golden Soul.

It was released on the 21st of March 1985 on Columbia records - the catalogue number is AH 473.

Does anyone know where I can find this record.

I know the appears on the Finger5 complete collection - which I've already got - but I want the single as well.

I would also like to know more about this Zapp-project if anyone knows - please let me know.
This is how it looks:

How's your German?

It more or less says that George Michael had something to do with this single and that this song is also on the Boogie Box High album "Outrageous".

My guess is that George Michael wrote this song for Boogie Box High and Zapp just did a cover.

The site also mentions that this is the only release by Zapp, but since this is a George Michael fan-site, one could wonder whether this is true. Then again, Google doesn't find much else about Zapp...

Looks like it was only released as a promo so that would make it extremely hard to find.
Hi Twisted

Yeah I know that - and I also know the site you're refering to - Darkshines a friend of mine - and he's the one who told me about this record. But thanks anyway...
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