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Yuki[hiko] Uezono


19 Mar 2002
35, born Feb 8th, 1967 in Okinawa

Last seen in New York City in 1994

Went to visit his family, said he was coming back, never returned . . . Left all his belongings

Talented artist, Loves to cook, was working in a Tokyo or Shizuoka [?] store's basement fish department in 1995

Has friends in Kashi---- [?] Besso in Nagano where he used to work.

Where is he now? If you have any leads, kindly e-mail me (or tell him to e-mail me) at [email protected] -- Many, Many Thanks!

Doug Boltson
Just curious... :)

You mean "last seen" by you in 1994, right? Hope you gonna tell us in case there's a happy end.
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